10 Screening Questions: Is The Collaborative Process Right For My Divorce?

The Collaborative Divorce Process is a structured and streamlined approach that offers families an alternative to the traditional divorce litigation route.  You can resolve your divorce outside of court through a peaceful and private process.

However, the Collaborative Process is not a good fit for every divorce.

Here are 10 Screening Questions that will help you to determine if your divorce is a good fit for the Collaborative Process:

  1. When my divorce is over, do I want to be able to look back and feel good about both the outcome, and how I handled myself during the process?
  2. Do I agree that I will be better served in the long run if my spouse, and my children are also well served?
  3. Do I want to speak and act from my best self during the divorce process, even though sometimes my words and actions seem to come from my worst self?
  4. Do I want my lawyer to be an educated professional, and an engaged agent rather than a hired gun and alter ego?
  5. Am I willing to be in the same room with my spouse, and to speak for myself with the assistance of Collaborative professionals to resolve important issues in my divorce?
  6. Am I open to solutions that will respect both my interests and my needs and those of my spouse?
  7. Do I want to make decisions affecting the future of myself and my family from a place of calm, considered wisdom, rather than from a place of anger, humiliation and fear, even though I may be experiencing those hard feelings now and during the process of divorce?
  8. Do I prefer a deeper and more durable resolution to my divorce over a more shallow peace?
  9. Am I willing to deal with the discomfort that will inevitably arise in negotiations, and persevere through the process?
  10. Do I want to act ethically for myself, and for my spouse, and for the sake of my children when I am making decisions in my divorce?


Reviewing these questions with a Collaborative professional, and being honest with yourself about the answers will help you decide if the Collaborative Process is a good fit for your divorce.

If you, or a friend of yours, has questions about the Collaborative Process for family law in Palm Beach County, we are here to help.

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