Prenuptial Agreement Fees

Legally Binding Prenup Agreements for Florida Residents

Prenuptial agreements (also known as premarital agreements) are no longer tools reserved only for the rich to protect trust agreements and family wealth.

Instead, prenuptial agreements are now utilized more and more by successful individuals that have chosen to marry after the puppy love stage of the early 20’s has passed.

The average age of first marriage in Florida for women is 28 and for men is 30. People in general these days are much more careful before marrying than previous generations.

Prenuptial agreements serve many purposes and provide a multitude of benefits. One of the main benefits is to protect assets in the event that a divorce occurs in the future.

Prenuptial agreements allow you to enter into a binding contract before the marriage that defines certain assets and dictates whom will receive those assets if divorce is ever sought by either party in the future.

These assets can include real estate, small businesses, investment and retirement accounts and pensions, as well as many other forms of assets.
Prenuptial Agreements also protect the estates of each prospective spouse and allow them to leave their assets and estate to the children, family members and next of kin that they designate in their will or trust.

Finally, prenuptial agreements also address and limit the ability for either spouse to receive alimony if divorce occurs. As a divorce attorney, I have litigated many cases where alimony is a key and expensive issue in the divorce. Whether alimony should be awarded at all, and if so, for how long, and for what amount. These questions are not easily resolved in divorce.
Professionally drafted prenuptial agreements will address each these legal issues for you. Our office prepares custom prenuptial agreements for a fixed fee.

If you have additional questions or would like to schedule a consultation to start the process of having a prenuptial agreement prepared for you, please call our office or book online to schedule a consultation to meet with an experienced family law attorney.

Description of Services

Fixed Attorney Fee

1. Protected Assets Valued under one million dolllars.

$4,000.00  (Prenuptial Agreement under one million assets)

2. Protected Assets Valued under $2.5 million dollars.

$5,500.00  (Prenuptial Agreement under 2.5 million assets)

3. Protected Assets Valued under $4.5 million dollars.

$7,500.00  (Prenuptial Agreement under 4.5 million assets)

4. Protected Assets Valued above $4.5 million.

$9,000.00 (Over 4.5 million assets)

The fixed fee pricing above provides an estimate of attorneys fees and may vary depending upon your unique situation. It is meant to allow potential clients with an estimate of what their prenuptial agreement may cost depending on their circumstances.

Upon meeting with us, we will provide you with a written fee agreement to retain Mindful Divorce, P.A. to represent you and prepare your prenuptial agreement. Your signed employment agreement will be based on the specific circumstances of your case as discussed with your attorney.

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