Collaborative Divorce Protects Your Privacy

Collaborative divorce is a peaceful, private and respectful process that helps families to reach a fair resolution.  The entire team agrees not to fight in Court.

Collaborative divorce is drastically different than a litigated divorce, where  you file a lawsuit against your spouse, and then wait for lawyers and judges to determine the outcome of your divorce.

Besides avoiding court battles and delays, Collaborative divorce also provides you with much more privacy.

Protecting Your Private Financial Information:

  1. Confidentiality: In Collaborative Divorce, your private financial life remains private. You exchange all information with your spouse and the professional team that is helping you.  You do not file this private information with the Court.  This assures that your private financial information will not be exposed in a public courtroom setting.


  1. Customized Solutions: Financial confidentiality allows you and your spouse to explore financial options that are durable and in line with your financial situation. You avoid the apprehension that is caused by a third party or a Judge combing through your personal and business financial records.


  1. Reduced Cost: You and your spouse work with one financial neutral that is trained in the collaborative process. He or she streamlines the process, and reduces stress by saving you both time and money.


Keeping your financial information private is one of the cornerstones of the collaborative divorce process.

If you, or a friend of yours, has questions about Collaborative Divorce in Palm Beach County, we are here to help.


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