How Do I Protect My Children In A Divorce?

Divorce affects the entire family, especially the children.  Recognizing and identifying this concern is the first step to protecting your children from emotional damage that can occur during a divorce.


The next step is for you and your spouse to agree not to fight in court.  Fighting in court increases the likelihood of unnecessary emotional harm to your children exponentially.


After you agree not to fight in Court, you have several out of court divorce options.


Out Of Court Divorce Options:

  • Your options include: Kitchen table settlement, Mediation(settlement) conference, or working with a Collaborative Divorce Team.
  • Here is a short booklet outlining the pros and cons for each of these options.  How To Get Divorced Without Fighting In Court.


Next, you may ask your Collaborative divorce team to engage a child specialist that will help you to become aware of your child’s experience during the divorce.  Once you are aware of your child’s experience and emotional needs in the divorce, the child specialist will help you to address those specific needs and concerns.


Research shows that when children are given the opportunity to have a voice, and to work with a child specialist during a divorce, the negative effects on the child are minimized.


Choosing a peaceful approach to your divorce will change the way that you and your entire family move forward after the divorce is finalized.
If you, or a friend of yours, has questions about Collaborative Divorce in Palm Beach County, we are here to help


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