Should I Hire a Bulldog Divorce Attorney?

Recently, I have heard several of my friends use the term “bulldog” attorney.

There is nothing new about this term.  We have all heard it used to describe a certain type of lawyer for many years.

The interesting thing about it to me is that in some cases I hear it used as a compliment, and in other cases I hear it is used in a disparaging manner.

Which one is it?

For me, the answer depends on what I’m looking for.

What Do I Want In My Divorce?

  1. Revenge – If you are seeking revenge against your spouse, and you have decided that you want to use a lawyer and the divorce process to exact your revenge, then a bulldog attorney is likely a good fit for you.
  2. Protracted Litigation – If you are seeking a long and drawn-out divorce process that will end with a judge presiding over your trial, and ultimately entering a ruling to decide who is right and who is wrong, then a bulldog attorney is likely a good fit for you.
  3. Respect – If you are seeking an attorney that will show both you and your spouse respect throughout your divorce process, then a bulldog attorney is not what I would recommend.
  4. Control and Privacy – If you are seeking an out of court resolution that focuses on keeping your finances private, and helping you to reach a fair resolution under the law without fighting in court, then a bulldog attorney is not what I would recommend.
  5. Budget & Time Friendly – If you are seeking professional guidance without court delays, then a bulldog attorney and court litigation is not what I would recommend.
  6. Relationships – If you are seeking to preserve your relationship with your spouse, and to maintain respect and fairness in your divorce process, then I would not recommend a bulldog attorney.


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