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Collaborative Divorce – Transparency Works

Unfortunately, our experience with divorce very likely includes one spouse filing a lawsuit and serving the other spouse with a summons and legal complaint. The litigation and the divorce is then underway. Both spouses then lawyer up and prepare to battle in Court over their divorce. This litigated approach to divorce keeps many divorce attorneys…

Chad Layton Collaborative Divorce Attorney

Benefits of Mindfulness

Many of us do our best to take a few moments out of the day to slow down and quiet the tasks and stress that come with our jobs and profession. For me, I do my best to take ten minutes during the lunch hour to take a walk without any devices and clear my…

Chad Layton Collaborative Divorce Attorney


The status quo in divorce is broken. What is the status quo in divorce?  Litigation.  Each spouse hires their own divorce litigator and the attorney’s file a lawsuit.  The battle lines are drawn, and each side takes their positions.  Legal attacks and court hearings ensue.  Emotional and financial damage is inflicted upon the family.  A…

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Prioritize Peace Over Winning

We all have options in how we choose to resolve conflict.  Do we focus on being right?  Do we focus on winning? Do we focus on peaceful alternatives? Collaborative Divorce In collaborative divorce, we place a high value on peace.  We choose to focus on peace because we know that families going through a divorce…

3 Types of Divorce Attorneys

3 Types of Divorce Attorney’s

March Madness Each year I enjoy watching some of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. I’m not a big college basketball fan but I appreciate the surprises and cinderella stories that seem to develop each year. This year, I found myself watching a postgame interview with the coach for the University of North Carolina, Hubert Davis.…

Chad Layton Collaborative Divorce Attorney

Collaborative Divorce – A Better Option for the Family

It is no secret that parents going through a high conflict divorce are extremely weary of the effects it may have on their children.   Going through a divorce is already stressful, adding to that the anxiety of what a Judge may decide is best for the children can make things even worse for the…

Collaborative Divorce

Divorce: To Litigate or Collaborate

A collaborative divorce lawyer is trained and qualified to provide you with a very different service than a divorce litigator. A divorce litigator is hired to “win” your divorce.  The astute litigator will file your divorce lawsuit immediately to beat your spouse to the first punch.  Next, the litigator will promptly fire off subpoenas and…

Childen in a divorce

Collaborative Divorce Puts the Children First

The values that you and your spouse have instilled in your children must be considered and followed during the divorce process. Here’s how!

Divorce Experience

Experience Matters in Divorce

Uou have important questions that should be answered by an experienced divorce attorney before you file for divorce, and an experienced lawyer can help.

Uncontested Divorce

What Is An Uncontested Divorce?

Why More People in Palm Beach County are choosing uncontested divorce The term “uncontested divorce” in Palm Beach County describes a solution to divorce matters that involves zero litigation.  This process encourages amicable and reasonable negotiations before anything is filed with the court.  If you are considering divorce, it behooves you to ask, What is…