Is Court The Best Place For My Divorce?

No, the courthouse is not the best venue to resolve your divorce.

Courts and judges are needed to handle criminal cases, and many other legal conflicts.  However, in my opinion, court is not the best venue to resolve your divorce peacefully and privately.

Surgeons Are Like Litigation Attorneys

Here is a good analogy: In the medical field, surgeons play a role similar to litigation attorneys in the legal system.  Surgeons are invaluable when routine medicine and other treatment options have failed.  Does that mean that we should seek out surgery before trying alternative treatments/solutions?  Of course not.*

Surgery is generally the last resort.  Divorce litigation should be the last resort after trying more peaceful and private solutions.

There are multiple out of court options to resolve your divorce.  Here is a short booklet I wrote outlining the pros and cons of each. Out of Court Divorce.

At our office, we focus on the Collaborative divorce process.  We work with a team of settlement specialists to help you and your spouse understand how the law applies to your marriage, and then we help you to build custom solutions that are fair to both of you.  We avoid delay, and we avoid unnecessary costs.

We make sure that you understand:

“What does a fair settlement look like in my marriage?”

“How will this affect me and my spouse financially?”

“How do we get this done?”

“What are we missing?”

If you, or a friend of yours, has questions about Collaborative divorce in Palm Beach County, we are here to help.

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-Lawyers as Peacemakers, See Forrest S. Mosten & Adam B. Cordover, David A. Hoffman, Building a Successful Collaborative Family Law Practice (2018).

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