Can I Use the Collaborative Process to Modify Alimony or a Parenting Plan?

Yes, the Collaborative Process works as a peacemaking option for divorce actions, and to modify or fix previously entered divorce judgments.

Often times, years after a divorce is finalized, changes occur in the family that create a need to modify the terms of the divorce judgment.

These changes are often related to addressing concerns for a child, financial changes in the family, substance abuse issues, or power and control issues.

When the need arises to update a divorce judgment, more and more families are seeking a resolution that doesn’t require them to go back to court.

The Collaborative Process provides families with a streamlined approach to triage the specific issue that needs to be addressed, and then to help the family move forward without being bogged down in court.

If you, or a friend of yours, has questions about the Collaborative Process for family law in Palm Beach County, we are here to help.

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