Collaborative Divorce – Transparency Works

Unfortunately, our experience with divorce very likely includes one spouse filing a lawsuit and serving the other spouse with a summons and legal complaint. The litigation and the divorce is then underway. Both spouses then lawyer up and prepare to battle in Court over their divorce.

This litigated approach to divorce keeps many divorce attorneys busy and creates many billable hours for those attorneys. The litigated divorce will very likely result in a settlement being reached, after the lawyers and spouses have fought for a year or more in court.

This adversarial approach to divorce does not help people that want to resolve their divorce in a respectful manner and move on with their life.

Going to court to fight in your divorce should not be the norm.


A better approach to the divorce process is the collaborative method. The collaborative divorce process is goal focused. We do not file lawsuits and we do not litigate. Instead, we work to identify custom solutions that are the best fit for the family to move forward and finalize the divorce. The average collaborative divorce is complete in 3 – 6 months.

We are transparent with everyone involved in the process and we share all financial information to assure that everyone understands what we are addressing before we work towards any solutions.

Also, the collaborative divorce process allows us to provide our client with a fixed fee upfront to complete the entire divorce.

I hope that this information is helpful for you, your friends, or your clients. If you or someone that you know has questions about divorce, we are here to help.


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