The status quo in divorce is broken.

What is the status quo in divorce?  Litigation.  Each spouse hires their own divorce litigator and the attorney’s file a lawsuit.  The battle lines are drawn, and each side takes their positions.  Legal attacks and court hearings ensue.  Emotional and financial damage is inflicted upon the family.  A final judgment of divorce is entered approximately 12 months later and the family is left to pick up the pieces.

Collaborative Divorce

There is a better way to get divorced.  The Collaborative Divorce Process provides trained and experienced professionals to help families divorce without resorting to litigation.  This process is designed to help you create and implement the unique solutions that are best for your family.

Once we are able to identify and agree upon the best solutions for your entire family, we prepare and finalize your Collaborative Marital Settlement Agreement.

There is no litigation involved.  There is no attacking.  Instead, there is a mindful and kinder approach to professionally address all of the issues in your divorce.

Collaborative Divorce empowers you to work with professionals outside of court to resolve your divorce promptly with respect and privacy.

Our law firm provides clients with a fixed fee schedule to handle your collaborative divorce.  Our fee schedule is also posted on our website for you to review at any time:  https://mindfuldivorcepa.com/fixed-fees/



By: Mindful Divorce P.A. [i]

[i] Chad M. Layton is a collaborative divorce attorney at Mindful Divorce, P.A. in Palm Beach County, FL. Mr. Layton is also a member of the Palm Beach Association of Collaborative Professionals, International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, Florida Bar Family Law Section, the Susan B. Greenberg Family Law American Inn of Court of the Palm Beaches and the Palm Beach Flagler Rotary Club.
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