Hourly Billing Woes

Over the weekend, I read a good article in the Palm Beach Post about hourly legal fees charged to the School Board. These bills were of course ultimately paid by us, the taxpayers in Palm Beach County.

The law firm billed at the rate of $660 per hour. The columnist made light of the obvious question, what exactly did we get for $660 per hour?

The answer was: not much.

This made me think of what I do for a living and why I opened my own law firm.

Hourly billing is the norm in divorce. Litigation is also the norm in divorce.

I don’t enjoy billing hourly, and I don’t like litigation.

In collaborative divorce, we work with you for a fixed fee and we don’t fight in court.

Instead, we help you identify the important issues in your divorce, and we help you resolve those issues, like adults, in a peaceful and respectful manner.

We focus on leading you through the divorce process and on helping you achieve your goals. We don’t focus on hourly bills. We don’t focus on fighting in court.

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