Divorce – I Get Half of What?

Half of a pie

Divorce is one of those problems in life that garners unsolicited advice from friends and family members all too often.  Emotional support and understanding from a loved one during the process of divorce is incredibly helpful and needed. However, problems arise when a loved one veers over the line to give advice or opinions on how you should resolve your divorce.

The problem with informal divorce advice is: (1) Divorces are not all the same; and (2) Going through a divorce does not make someone an expert on the topic.

Starting with the first problem, divorces are not all the same.  While divorce is a legal process with certain rules and statutes that must be followed to obtain a final judgment of divorce – the facts of your marriage are different from every other marriage.  The role that you and your spouse played in the household, the income of you and your spouse, the length of your marriage, the assets and liabilities of your marriage and many other unique facts will determine what a reasonable marital settlement agreement looks like for your marriage.

This means that the final settlement in your divorce will be different than that of a loved one whom previously went through their own divorce.

Number two, going through the process of divorce does not make a loved one an expert on divorce.  This is pretty straight forward.  Individuals that have been through divorce have been exposed to the legal steps that are required to obtain a final judgment of divorce.  However, they don’t know why specific solutions and terms applied in their matter.

It is likely that if they hired experienced legal counsel, the process of divorce and each step was explained to them in detail.  This is similar to a doctor explaining a knee surgery to a patient.  The patient should understand the problem to be fixed and the available solutions.  The patient must be educated to the point where they can make an informed decision.  The patient should be in charge and have their issues resolved.  However, the patient is not qualified to give medical advice.

Our firm understands the unique problems that arise in divorce and the legal solutions that we will implement to resolve your divorce promptly and professionally.

Working with each client to achieve a low conflict divorce allows our firm to provide clients with a fixed fee divorce option.  Our fixed fees are published on our website at: http://www.mindfuldivorcepa.com  under fixed pricing.

If you or a friend has questions about divorce, do not hesitate to call us to schedule an initial divorce consultation.

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