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Prenuptial Agreements – Ounce of Prevention

It is no secret that the average marriage age has been steadily rising. The most recent report indicates that the average couple got married at age 29. While some people wait until later in life to get married, many others enter into a second marriage after age 50. Protect Assets & Estates We have helped…

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Don’t Cut Corners in a Prenuptial Agreement

My best advice for those looking to create a prenuptial agreement in Palm Beach County? Don’t hire a cheap lawyer. Cut corners, and you’ll pay later.

Prenuptial Agreement For Small Business Owners

Business owners create wealth and value over years during a marriage, but if you don’t have a prenup for the business, what do you do in a divorce?

Retirement Assets

Dividing Retirement Assets in Divorce

Dividing retirement assets in a traditional divorce can be a painful process for older couple who split later in life. Here’s some advice.

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The “P” Word – Why Prenups Aren’t a “dirty” word anymore

While marriages are generally declining in Florida, prenuptial agreements are more popular than ever. In the article, attorney Chad Layton writes why.