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How To Get Divorced Without Going To Court

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If you are looking for a divorce process or a legal professional that will help you to “win” your divorce,
we are not a good fit.    

If you are seeking to use the process of divorce to get back at your spouse, or to exact revenge for a wrong that was committed, our office is not a good fit.

On the other hand, if you are looking for experienced and professional legal counsel that will guide you through your divorce process in a peaceful and focused manner, you are in the right place.

Common Questions About Divorce Answered Below :

1. Do I have to file a lawsuit to start my divorce? (No)

2. What is a collaborative divorce?  (See below)

3. How long does a collaborative divorce take? (See below)

4. How much does a collaborative divorce cost? (See below)

5. What are the benefits of a collaborative divorce? (See below)

How Does Collaborative Divorce Work?

Collaborative divorce is a process that is dedicated to providing families with peaceful, private and fair resolutions.  At the start of your collaborative divorce, you will meet with a collaborative divorce attorney to discuss your most important issues and concerns about the divorce.

It is best to be as transparent as possible during this meeting.  Tell your attorney not only your most important goals, but also tell them what keeps you up at night about your divorce.  What are the issues that are going to be the most difficult for you to overcome in divorce negotiations?  Use your collaborative divorce attorney as a resource that will help you to understand options and resolutions that they have used in the past to help people just like you.   

After you meet with your collaborative divorce attorney, if both of you feel that you are a good fit to work well together, you can retain the attorney and start the collaborative divorce process.    

He or she will then work invite your spouse into the collaborative divorce process and explain to your spouse the benefits of the collaborative divorce process.  The attorney will also provide your spouse with information other collaborative divorce attorneys in the area that your spouse can interview with.

Once your husband or wife has retained a collaborative divorce attorney, you have your “collaborative team”.  You can take a deep breath and know that you both have avoided the “divorce from hell”.  Instead, you have made the decision to reach a fair agreement, and to treat each other with respect.  Your professionals have also made this commitment.  

You and your spouse will remain in control of the decisions made in your divorce, instead of lawyers and judges.  

23.04.12 Conflict Resolution Options

In the collaborative process, you have the option of adding additional members to the team, if the need arises.  The additional professionals are:

  • Financial Neutral – a person that can help gather and interpret financial information for you and your spouse in your divorce.  
  • Mental Health Neutral – a person that can facilitate communication between you and your spouse.  This professional can also help your team craft a custom parenting plan that supports a strong co-parenting relationship for you and your spouse moving forward after the divorce.

A. How Long Does a Collaborative Divorce Take?

The majority of collaborative divorce cases are completed in 4-6 months.  This is less than half the time that you should expect to spend if you choose to go to Court.  

B. Does Collaborative Divorce Actually Work?

Yes, 85% of collaborative divorce cases in Florida end with a final agreement resolving all issues in the divorce.


C. How Much Does a Collaborative Divorce Cost?

Our law firm charges a fixed fee to work with you in your collaborative divorce.  Here is the link to view our fixed fees: Mindful Divorce Fee 

Financial security and peace of mind is one of the many benefits of the collaborative process.  We don’t charge you unknown hourly fees.  We provide you with an upfront cost, and then we don’t ask for more money.

One of the hallmarks of litigated/contested divorce matters is the never ending hourly legal fees that can run well over $75k.  

Our focus is on helping you and your family through the divorce process in a peaceful, private and respectful manner.  We don’t focus on adding fuel to the fire and racking up hourly bills. Instead, we focus on helping you and your family craft durable and fair resolutions.  We help you move forward in life, with respect and with your relationships intact.  Here is a link to google reviews from our clients:  Google Reviews


Better Outcomes Collaborative Divorce?

The collaborative divorce process provides spouses with outcomes that are simply not available in the litigation system.  Collaborative divorce is a private resolution process that was founded with the tenets of respect, privacy and transparency.

We, as collaborative professionals, are settlement specialists that work to help couples and families resolve their divorce with legal information, cooperative strategies and option building techniques.

The outcomes that we reach in collaborative divorce often include creative financial settlements that help the entire family accomplish their most important goals in the divorce.  We also eliminate court delays and the stress that comes from waiting on a judge to decide the outcome of your case.

How Do I Start My Collaborative Divorce? 

If you would like to schedule a collaborative divorce consultation with us in person or by zoom, you can call us at (561) 537-8227 or you can select a consultation date here:  Mindful Divorce Consultation 

Additionally, we have a database of articles, videos and answers to frequently asked questions about collaborative divorce on our website for you to review:  videos and articles

Plan for Reaching Resolution

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