What Are The 5 Best Practices For Parents Contemplating Divorce?

As parents, we think of our children first.  When it comes to divorce, this is especially true.  I am a parent, and I understand what that means.   That is why I treat parents going through divorce differently. I know that I am not only working for you, I am also working for your children.…

How Do I Talk To My Children About Divorce?

Open and honest communication is crucial when the time comes to talk to your children about divorce, and what it will mean for your family. This conversation requires sensitivity, empathy, and a focus on their well-being. First, choose an appropriate time and setting that you, your spouse and your children will all be as comfortable…

Childen in a divorce

Collaborative Divorce Puts the Children First

The values that you and your spouse have instilled in your children must be considered and followed during the divorce process. Here’s how!

Alimony and Divorce Questions

How Do I Figure Out Alimony and Child Support

The Covid-19 pandemic upended so many different parts of our lives, including the ability to enforce alimony and child support payments. Here’s how.

How to Time Share the Children During the Holidays

A customized parenting plan drafted during the Collaborative Divorce process is really the best answer for this difficult question of parent sharing during the holidays.

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School Choice After Divorce – How to Make It Work

How does co-parenting and school choice work amicably after a divorce? In this article, Collaborative Divorce attorney Chad Layton explains.

Chad Layton collaborative divorce attorney west palm beach

Parents Working Together After Divorce

Putting children first is often easier said than done by parents going through a divorce. But as Collaborative Divorce attorney Chad Layton explains, it’s entirely possible to do.

Chad Layton collaborative divorce attorney west palm beach

Child Support – How Much Is It?

How do parents who are successful in co-parenting after a divorce calculate the cost of child support? Attorney Chad Layton shares his experience here.