What Are The 5 Best Practices For Parents Contemplating Divorce?

mindful divorce parents contemplating divorceAs parents, we think of our children first.  When it comes to divorce, this is especially true.  I am a parent, and I understand what that means.  

That is why I treat parents going through divorce differently.

I know that I am not only working for you, I am also working for your children.  

I am a part of your team that is tasked with protecting your children, and with helping you to achieve a fair and smooth divorce.  As you know, this is much easier said than done.

Here are some tips to help you along the way.


Don’t fight in court.  This seems obvious, but it is an important step.  There are times when it is tempting to hire a bulldog attorney and go after your spouse in court.  Don’t do it.  Take a day and think about your family, and what your goals are for your divorce.  Make the decision to handle your divorce with peace and respect, outside of court.  You will thank me when you share your children’s birthdays, school graduations, weddings, and grandchildren with your ex.    


Speak with your spouse about how you can help and support your children through the divorce process.  Ask your spouse if they will join you to find a mental health professional that is trained in helping children during the divorce process.  

Find a local professional that can help, and schedule time for your children to meet with them once a week.  If you decide to work with a Collaboratively trained divorce attorney, they will connect you with a child specialist that is best suited for your family.

Here is a list of trained child specialists in Palm Beach County


Divorce is a legal process with long term impacts and consequences for your entire family.  Hire a professional that you trust, and that has experience in handling Collaborative Divorce matters.  

He or she will help you identify the important issues that must be addressed for your family.  Next, they will help you to identify fair resolutions to each of those issues, using their experience, and their knowledge of the law.

Here is a list of Collaboratively Trained divorce attorneys in Palm Beach County – Choose Collaborative     


After your children have established a connection with the child specialist, schedule time for you and your spouse to meet with the professional.  You can set time to meet together or separately, depending on your preference.  What matters is that each of you learn how you can best support your children, and communicate with them during and after your divorce.  

This professional will also provide you with valuable insight on how to best co-parent after your divorce is finalized.


Work with a trusted professional that will help you and your spouse understand your financial picture as it stands now, and how it will look after your divorce.

This should be a financial planner that has Collaborative Divorce training.  If you decide to work with a Collaborative Divorce Attorney, he or she will help you to select a financial professional that is best suited for your needs.  Here is a list of trained collaborative financial professionals in Palm Beach County.  Financial Professionals.


I hope that this information helps you to protect and to support your children in your divorce process.  

If you, or a friend of yours, has questions about Collaborative divorce in Palm Beach County, we are here to help.

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