Who Is On My Collaborative Divorce Team?

Collaborative divorce is a process that helps families resolve their divorce without fighting in court.

In my opinion, this is the best process available to resolve the difficult issues in divorce.  Collaborative divorce keeps you out of court and it helps you create a custom plan to resolve your divorce.

So, who is on the team if I choose the Collaborative Divorce Process?

  1. Collaborative Divorce Attorney – Both you and your spouse will each have your own collaboratively trained divorce lawyer, one for you and one for your spouse.

    • Your attorney will be your legal guide and your legal advisor throughout the process.
    • Your attorney will also prepare all of the documents to be filed with the Court, and he or she will handle the final uncontested court hearing for you.
  2. Neutral Financial Expert – You will have one collaboratively trained financial professional that will answer your financial questions and will help both you and your spouse to understand the financial aspects of your divorce.

    • Your financial expert will help you and your spouse achieve a fair split of the assets and debts in your marriage.
    • Your financial expert will also help you with important questions such as: Do we sell or keep our marital home? What will our monthly budgets look like after the divorce is over? How will we pay our bills after the divorce?
  3. Mental Health Professional – You will have one licensed mental health professional that will help both you and your spouse during the collaborative divorce process.

    • Your mental health professional will help with communication between you and your spouse during the divorce negotiation process, and help both of you to focus on the future and not the past or blame.
    • Your mental health professional will also help you and your spouse to focus on respect and peace throughout your divorce process.
    • If you have any children, grandchildren, or family together, your mental health professional will help you create parenting plans and/or family plans.


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