Experience Matters in Divorce

August 4, 2020  |  ,
By: Chad Layton, Esq.


If you are contemplating divorce, you have important questions that should be answered before you file for divorce.  You have questions about your children, your home, retirement assets, alimony and child support.  The resolution to your divorce will change your life drastically.  You should have professional guidance to assure that the divorce is handled properly and fairly.  Experience matters in divorce.

Amicable Divorce

If you are like the large majority of clients that our firm helps in divorce, you have no interest in a nasty or drawn out divorce.  You don’t want to take advantage of your spouse in divorce.

You simply want to achieve an amicable divorce without delays.

Benefits of an Experienced Divorce Attorney

Our law firm will provide you with an experienced and ethical divorce attorney to work with you from the start to achieve your goals in an amicable divorce.  The process of divorce does require a final judgment which is ratified by a judge.  There are many requirements that the attorney will address on your behalf.

We will consider important factors affect your divorce.  Some of these factors are: the income of each spouse during the marriage, was one spouse a homemaker, the earning ability of each spouse and the standard of living established in your marriage.  If there are minor children, we will address additional factors required by law.

Ultimately, the final resolution to your divorce should be tailored to assure that both spouses are in a good position to move forward in life at the time of divorce and over the next five years of their life.

Experienced and ethical divorce attorneys are best suited to help you obtain a professional and amicable solution to your divorce.

Fixed Fees

Working with each client to achieve a low conflict divorce allows our firm to provide clients with a fixed fee divorce option.  Our fixed fees are published on our website at: http://www.mindfuldivorcepa.com  under fixed pricing.

If you or a friend has questions about divorce, do not hesitate to call us to schedule an initial divorce consultation.

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