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E-Book: How To Get Divorced Without Fighting In Court.

I am often asked, “What is a mindful divorce? How did you come up with that name for your law practice?” After handling highly contested divorce cases and divorce trials in Palm Beach County for over 10 years, I was introduced to the collaborative divorce process. This was an eye opener for me.  Instead of…

Chad Layton Collaborative Divorce Attorney

Is Every Divorce a “Nasty Divorce”?

Of course not. There are times when a marriage no longer works.  This doesn’t mean that you have lost all respect and love for your spouse. This doesn’t mean that you want to start a legal battle against your spouse. It simply means that your marriage has come to an end. The collaborative divorce process…

Chad Layton collaborative divorce attorney

Hourly Billing Woes

Over the weekend, I read a good article in the Palm Beach Post about hourly legal fees charged to the School Board. These bills were of course ultimately paid by us, the taxpayers in Palm Beach County. The law firm billed at the rate of $660 per hour. The columnist made light of the obvious…

Chad Layton Collaborative Divorce Attorney

Who Is On My Collaborative Divorce Team?

Collaborative divorce is a process that helps families resolve their divorce without fighting in court. In my opinion, this is the best process available to resolve the difficult issues in divorce.  Collaborative divorce keeps you out of court and it helps you create a custom plan to resolve your divorce. So, who is on the…

Chad M. Layton Collaborative Divorce Attorney

How Do I Start My Collaborative Divorce?

Almost every spouse that I meet with for the first time to discuss their divorce options wants to know more about Collaborative divorce and how it works. This question also comes up during lunch regularly when I meet with friends and attorneys that practice other areas of the law. The interest and questions surrounding the…

Chad Layton Collaborative Divorce Attorney

How To Achieve A Healthy Divorce

In divorce, as with many things in life, the process matters. When you are first considering divorce and what life might look like after divorce, lots of questions come to mind. How do we separate our finances? How do we divide our assets and debts? Will my spouse or I need financial support? How do…

Lessons Learned in Divorce

Collaborative Divorce – Why Time Matters

One of the many benefits of settling your divorce outside of court is time.  The Collaborative Divorce process allows you to settle your divorce and move on with your life in three months without litigation. The truth is that most divorce matters don’t need to go to court.  A responsible alternative to a litigated divorce…

Childen in a divorce

Collaborative Divorce Puts the Children First

The values that you and your spouse have instilled in your children must be considered and followed during the divorce process. Here’s how!