What Is A Collaborative Marriage Plan?

While Prenuptial Agreements contemplate what will happen if your marriage fails, Collaborative Marriage Plans help you and your future spouse consider potential problems that may occur during your marriage and agree to solutions in advance.

Prenuptial Agreements are a legal tool that plan only for your divorce.  Collaborative Marriage Plans provide you with a much more comprehensive plan to help you and your future spouse plan for a successful marriage.  A well written Collaborative Marriage Plan will also help you and your future spouse plan for what will happen in the event that you decide to end your marriage.

Your Collaborative Marriage Plan Can Include:


  1. Individual and Long-Term Goals for you and your fiancée.


  1. A 3-to-5-year plan that helps you and your fiancée move toward helping one another with your most important goals in life.


  1. A Partnership Agreement. Just as a written partnership plan helps a business to succeed, you and your fiancée can benefit from planning a successful marriage.  You can plan in advance to avoid the most common pitfalls between married couples: money management plan, plan for children, employment plan, and lifestyle plan.


  1. Partnership Termination. Some marriages fail.  Your Collaborative Marriage Plan should include an agreement as to how you will divide your assets and liabilities in the event of a divorce, and if spousal support will be owed.  Also, you can agree to how your Estate will be distributed if either of you pass away during your marriage.  This assures that you will not end up in divorce Court.  Additionally, this provides both you and your future spouse an expectation of how each of you will move forward financially if a divorce occurs.


If you, or a friend of yours, has questions about Collaborative Marriage Planning or Collaborative Divorce in Palm Beach County, we are here to help.



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