How Do I Put My Children’s Interest First In Divorce?

Divorce for parents is different, and it’s harder.  You ask yourself, what impact will separation and divorce have on our children?  Is there a scenario where divorce could be healthier for me and our children?  What can I do before, during and after the divorce to help our children adjust and thrive through this difficult…

How Does Child Support Work In Collaborative Divorce?

Child Support in Collaborative Divorce: Key Considerations In collaborative divorce in Florida, establishing child support is an important step that carries with it many other considerations for your children and for your family.  Here are some key points to understand: 1. Determining Child Support: In Florida, child support is primarily calculated based on the state’s…

How to succeed in divorce mediation

The P.E.A.C.E. Divorce Plan

In this article, Palm Beach County Collaborative Divorce Attorney Chad Layton explains the 5-step “PEACE” process for a successful divorce.

Chad Layton collaborative divorce attorney west palm beach

Child Support – How Much Is It?

How do parents who are successful in co-parenting after a divorce calculate the cost of child support? Attorney Chad Layton shares his experience here.