Alimony and Divorce Questions

How Do I Figure Out Alimony and Child Support

The Covid-19 pandemic upended so many different parts of our lives, including the ability to enforce alimony and child support payments. Here’s how.

Alimony: Can It Be Modified?

Alimony can be a difficult pill to swallow for some, but it’s not written in stone for all eternity. You can modify alimony. Here’s how.

Calculating alimony

How is Alimony Calculated in Divorce?

Alimony is the legal process by which one party in a divorce pays the other to even out equitable distribution of assets. Here’s how it’s calculated in Florida.

How to succeed in divorce mediation

The P.E.A.C.E. Divorce Plan

In this article, Palm Beach County Collaborative Divorce Attorney Chad Layton explains the 5-step “PEACE” process for a successful divorce.