Collaborative Divorce – A Better Way

Peaceful. Private. Respectful.

These are the hallmarks of the collaborative divorce process.

The collaborative divorce process helps us do things differently than other family law firms.

We don’t file a lawsuit against the other spouse. We don’t wait on court dates. We don’t charge hourly fees. We don’t wait 12 months to complete a divorce.

Instead, we use over 15 years of family law experience and collaborative divorce training to help spouses resolve their divorce promptly and to move on with their lives.

We provide our legal service for a flat fee ($10k) and we do not charge hourly rates. We do not benefit from a lengthy drawn out divorce. We help spouses achieve a respectful divorce and we make sure that all of the legal issues are addressed on their behalf.

I hope that this information is helpful for you, your friends, or your clients. If you or someone that you know has questions about divorce, we are here to help.

With thanks,

Chad Layton

Mindful Divorce, P.A.

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