How Do I Tell My Husband Or Wife That I Want A Collaborative Divorce?

Talking to your husband or wife about divorce is not an easy conversation.  However, if you need to have this conversation, it is best to be prepared.

Here is a short list of tips that may help in the discussion with your spouse about the benefits of Collaborative Divorce:

  1. Deadlines – Don’t create any unrealistic deadlines for your husband or wife to make a decision immediately. Instead, provide them with information and resources about collaborative divorce that they can review during the course of the next week and then get back to you.  Here are a couple of good links that may help: Collaborative Divorce  IACP


  1. My Way or The Highway – Don’t tell your husband or wife that collaborative divorce is the only way to handle your divorce. Cornering them in can quickly put your spouse on the defense.  This will likely cause them not to even consider collaborative divorce as an option.  Instead, provide your husband or wife with the truth that collaborative divorce is one of multiple divorce options.


  1. Highlight the Benefits of Collaborative Divorce To Your Spouse – Show your spouse how collaborative divorce will help him or her. You know your spouse and their main concerns about divorce better than anyone else.  Be prepared to discuss his or her most important issues in the divorce and how working in a collaborative manner will be the best way to accomplish his or her goals in divorce.


  1. Money – Last but not least, discuss with your husband or wife how the cost of a contested divorce case will be much higher (financially and emotionally) than the cost of a collaborative divorce. Discuss with him or her that neither of you wants to waste time or money fighting in court.


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