What Drives the Cost of Divorce Most in Palm Beach County? (It’s Not the Lawyers)

This is an instance where the simplest answer is the correct one.  Whether or not you go to court and fight.  That is the factor that plays the biggest role in the cost of divorce in Palm Beach County.

Going to court and fighting in your divorce will not only cost you financially (likely three times more than collaborative divorce), but it will also cost you time.  Time is a factor that is often looked over by divorce attorneys.

Almost every spouse that I meet with asks me during our first conversation, “About how long this will take?”  The spouse and the family going through divorce know that time is just as important as money.  Attorneys often don’t acknowledge this fact.

Moving through divorce and on to the next stage of your life in 3-4 months, instead of 12-24 months is a game changer.

Collaborative divorce allows us to change all of the rules in divorce.

  • We don’t file a lawsuit and serve your spouse at his or her home.

  • We don’t launch a legal attack on your spouse and demand everything so that we can later settle for some portion of that.

  • We don’t fight in court.

  • We don’t gather evidence and testimony to present to a judge.

  • We don’t charge you hourly attorney fees.

  • We don’t take years to obtain your divorce.


Instead, we treat you and your spouse with respect and dignity.

  • We help you and your family reach durable and lasting solutions to resolve your divorce.

  • We provide you with a fixed fee.

  • We help you move forward instead of getting dragged into a legal battle.


If you, or a friend of yours, has questions about collaborative divorce in Palm Beach County, we are here to help.

By: Mindful Divorce P.A. [i]


[i] Chad M. Layton is a collaborative divorce attorney at Mindful Divorce, P.A. in Palm Beach County, FL.  Mr. Layton is also a member of the Palm Beach Association of Collaborative Professionals, International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, Florida Bar Family Law Section, the Susan B. Greenberg Family Law American Inn of Court of the Palm Beaches and the Palm Beach Flagler Rotary Club.


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