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Is Collaborative Divorce the Right Choice For My Situation?

So you’ve heard of collaborative divorce…but how do you know it’s right for your situation? Answers these questions by Chad Layton to find out!

Divorce Experience

Experience Matters in Divorce

Uou have important questions that should be answered by an experienced divorce attorney before you file for divorce, and an experienced lawyer can help.

Divorce Agreement

How To Avoid A Nasty Divorce

War of the Roses is not your goal here.  Movies and cocktail parties love the nasty divorce story.  Each spouse spares no expense to inflict as much harm as possible on the other spouse.  Whomever is left standing wins the final battle. Luckily, this is not the real world.  Responsible and reasonable adults get divorced…

Virtual Divorce Works in Palm Beach County

Divorce Continues in Palm Beach County – Via Zoom

Don’t let your process get hung up by lawyers who want to delay your divorce! Virtual divorce works in Palm Beach County.  The novel coronavirus has changed how we help clients navigate and resolve their divorce cases in Palm Beach County.  Virtual court hearings and virtual mediation conferences are the new normal. The Judges, Clerk…

Palm Beach County Divorce

Divorce FAQ #2 – Where Should I File For Divorce?

Many of us in Palm Beach County are transplants that have moved here from another State or Country.  Those residents that were married outside of Florida very often ask, where do I file for divorce? The answer is that you should file for divorce here in Palm Beach County.  The legal requirement to file for…

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Collaborative Divorce: Good or Easy Advice – you can only pick one.

It’s inevitable: Once you tell your friends and family you have started your divorce, everyone will want to give you advice. Don’t listen.

Alimony and Divorce Questions

How Do I Figure Out Alimony and Child Support

The Covid-19 pandemic upended so many different parts of our lives, including the ability to enforce alimony and child support payments. Here’s how.

Most common divorce mistakes in palm beach county

How Do I Avoid Mistakes In Divorce?

Some lawyers charges hundreds of dollars an hour and are hardly worth it. Here’s the three biggest mistakes expensive divorce lawyers make.

Lessons Learned in Divorce

How Do I Avoid Going To Court In My Divorce?

After many years of practicing as a collaborative divorce attorney, Chad Layton has some advice for you if you just started a divorce.

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How to Handle Your Estate Plan, Last Will, and Other Important Matters Following a Divorce

How are estates, trusts, and wills altered after a divorce? While every situation is different, the need to amend is clear. Chad Layton explains why.