How Do I Start My Collaborative Divorce?

Almost every spouse that I meet with for the first time to discuss their divorce options wants to know more about Collaborative divorce and how it works.

This question also comes up during lunch regularly when I meet with friends and attorneys that practice other areas of the law.

The interest and questions surrounding the Collaborative divorce process are not a surprise to me.  This is a new and completely different way to approach divorce.[i]

How To Start My Collaborative Divorce:

After you have met with and retained a collaboratively trained divorce attorney in Palm Beach County, the first step is introducing your husband or wife to the collaborative divorce process.

This step is typically accomplished by your attorney.  Your attorney will send a letter to your spouse advising them that you have decided to divorce, without fighting in court.  Your attorney should also provide your spouse with materials and information about the privacy, transparency and respect that will be afforded to everyone involved in your collaborative divorce.

It is very important to make sure that your husband or wife understands that you have made a very good decision for your family.

  • Your divorce is not going to be a legal battle that plays out in the courtroom.
  • Your divorce is not going to be a traumatizing event in which you have no control of the outcome.
  • Your divorce is going to be peaceful and private and respectful.
  • Your divorce is going to be different.

Next, your attorney will invite your husband or wife to retain his or her own collaboratively trained attorney to assist them.  You will have now taken a very big and important step towards a  reaching a peaceful and private resolution in your divorce.

If you, or a friend of yours, has questions about collaborative divorce in Palm Beach County, we are here to help.

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[i] Sections 61.55 – 61.58, Florida Statutes.

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