Should I Google My Divorce Attorney?

March 26, 2024  | 
By: Chad Layton, Esq.

mindful divorce should google divorce attorneyGoogle is a very helpful tool for all of us, and it’s free.

As we have all learned in life, lawyers and doctors and accountants and other professionals are not created equal.  There are good ones and there are bad ones.

Google Reviews:

Google reviews tell you and I what past clients have to say about my work.  Yes, they are very important.  

Before I hired a pool contractor, I went to see other pools that he built.  I looked at the pools and I spoke with the homeowners that he worked with.  I was grateful to have the opportunity to hear about his work before I chose to work with him.  I trusted him to do a good job based upon his reputation.  

I have come across many divorce attorneys over the years that have told me that their clients will never be happy.  The narrative they provide is that you are going through a divorce and you’re mad at the world.  It’s not their fault that you aren’t satisfied with their work.  You are mad about the divorce and therefore they can’t be expected to earn a good review from you.  

This is a cop out.  Is it hard to earn good google reviews as a divorce attorney?  Yes.  Is it also very important to earn great google reviews as a divorce attorney? Yes.  

You won’t be surprised to learn that the attorneys making the excuses don’t want you to look them up on google.  The google reviews that they have earned from past clients are not good.      

In my experience, spouses and families that I work with want to be happy with my work.  They chose to work with me.  They had the option to pick from a number of different attorneys.  They want to be proven right.  They want to see that I did what I told them I would do.  

The divorce was hard but the professional that they chose did a good job.   They tell their friends and family members that I was a good choice.    

I have worked hard for over 15 years to treat spouses and families well, and to be honest, and to work hard.  This recipe has worked.  I encourage potential clients to look us up on google and to see what people like them have to say about me and my staff.  If you would like to check out our reviews, here is the link: Mindful Divorce Google Reviews   

Google to Narrow Your Search:

You can also use google to help you locate a divorce attorney that limits their practice to family law.  You can look for someone that has values that are in line with your own.

Before you begin your search, take some time to determine what type of divorce process is best for you and your family.  The vast majority of families going through a divorce do not know the different options available to them.  We have a free e-book that outlines these options for you here:

You will find that some attorneys prefer litigation in court and attacking your spouse.  This type of attorney will help you develop a plan to fight in court, and to ultimately prevail at trial.  You will of course never be guaranteed any results in court.  However, a seasoned divorce litigator will improve your chances of prevailing in court, if that is the route that you choose.       

At our office, we focus on helping you and your family resolve your divorce outside of court.  We focus on providing you with excellent legal representation and advice, and then putting you in a position to make educated decisions.  We focus on preserving your privacy, and working in an efficient manner.  We don’t waste your time or your money.

I have represented spouses in Palm Beach County going through divorce for over 15 years.  In my experience, the families that choose to go to Court and have a judge determine the outcome in their divorce do not fare well.  

The adversarial nature of court litigation adds fuel to a family situation that is already in a state of turmoil.  Those families that choose to battle in Court over their divorce more often than not end up back in court after the divorce is over to battle again.  This can create what feels like a never-ending cycle of litigation for the entire family.  This is not what you want.  

My advice to you is to exhaust all options before resorting to litigation. 


I hope that this information helps you to protect and to support your family.    

If you, or a friend of yours, has questions about Collaborative divorce in Palm Beach County, we are here to help.

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