What Is The Hardest Part of Divorce?

mindful divorce hardest part divorceIn my experience, it’s the unknown.  Once you decide that divorce is going to happen, you are faced with some tough questions.  

Common Divorce Questions:

  • How do I start the process of divorce?  
  • How do I protect myself financially?  
  • How do I protect my children from the effects of a nasty divorce?
  • How do I reach a fair settlement, without fighting in court?
  • How do I plan for my financial life after the divorce?

Answers To Your Divorce Questions:

While the questions are many, and the idea of going through a divorce can be daunting, there are good answers to your questions.  There are smart, experienced collaborative divorce professionals that have the tools necessary to answer your questions.  These professionals will provide you with everything you need to see what fair and customized divorce settlement options look like for your family.  

These professionals will guide you and they will help you.  They will not make decisions for you.  They will not take control away from you.  Losing control, and having someone else make the decisions in your divorce are what you can expect if you battle in Court.  Collaborative Divorce is an out of court and private solution for your divorce.    

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know:

Collaborative divorce professionals not only answer all of your questions, they also help you to ask and answer other important questions that must be asked to handle your divorce properly.

Divorce is a consequential process.  There are many implications for you and for your family that must be considered and properly addressed.  Seasoned professionals will help you to navigate this process, and to reach a fair settlement, without battling in Court.  

Collaborative Divorce Process:

Helping families navigate the legal process of divorce, and to reach a final settlement that is satisfactory to everyone involved is the purpose of the Collaborative Divorce Process.

Collaborative divorce professionals work with you to deliberately create a climate in your divorce that is best suited for settlement.  Collaborative divorce professionals know that your best option is not to fight in Court.  In fact, they know that fighting in court is your worst option.

Your collaborative divorce attorney will work with you towards settlement solutions only.  He or she will not go to Court.  This assures that you, your spouse, and your attorney are all fully engaged to accomplish your goal of a fair settlement.  

You Are Not Working Under The Threat Of “Going to Court”:  

Your attorney is not in a position to benefit if you and your spouse decide to battle in Court.

In fact, your attorney will be fired if either of you decide to fight in Court.  Your attorney is truly a settlement specialist.  This assures that you and your attorney are rowing in the same direction.

You can get professional help,  without having to deal with the contentious and adversarial lawyering that nobody wants.

There Is A Better Way:  

It is the Collaborative Divorce Process.  This process was created over 30 years ago, and it is thriving today in South Florida.   

We help you and your spouse reach a fair and private separation of your finances, and to help you build a healthy co-parenting relationship moving forward. 

If you, or a friend of yours, has questions about Collaborative divorce in Palm Beach County, we are here to help.

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