How Does A Child Specialist Help In Collaborative Divorce?

Parents will do whatever it takes to protect their children.

To someone that is not a parent, this may sound like lip service, or a goal that parents reach for but don’t always achieve.  As parents, we know, this is the truth.  We do everything in our power to help and protect our children.

Parents going through a divorce are no different.

The first priority is, how do we protect our children from the risk of behavioral or emotional harm connected to our divorce?

  1. First, agree that you will not fight in court.  The manner and process that you choose to resolve the legal, financial and parenting aspects of your divorce will lay the groundwork for how your children view your divorce.
  2. Next, consider what options are available to your family to resolve your divorce without fighting in Court.
  3. Finally, ask your collaborative divorce attorney, or any other professional that you decide to work with, to help you select a child specialist as part of the team that will peacefully resolve your divorce.  The child specialist should be a mental health professional that has training in collaborative divorce, and whose function is to help you understand and address the concerns that will arise for your children during your divorce.

Finding the right help for you and your children at the outset of your divorce will provide you with the peace of mind that everyone’s needs are met, and that you have done everything in your power to protect your children.

If you, or a friend of of yours, has questions about the Collaborative Divorce process in Palm Beach County, we are here to help.

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