Peacemaking In Divorce

November 16, 2022  |  ,
By: Chad Layton, Esq.

Many attorneys first and only option to help you with your divorce is to file a lawsuit and start litigation against your spouse.

Eventually, the chances are greater than 90%, that you will end up settling your divorce through a marital settlement agreement.

Unfortunately, you will first have to go through a long and difficult path of litigation for 12 months or more.  Additionally, you will become accustomed to what feels like never ending hourly attorney fees, adding yet another stressor to your life that you don’t need.

There is no doubt that litigation and fighting in court is popular among divorce attorneys and that litigation and fighting in court is destructive for families that are going through divorce.

Collaborative Divorce

Thankfully, there are other options to resolve your divorce. Collaborative divorce provides you with a peaceful and private alternative to resolve your divorce outside of court.

Trained collaborative divorce professionals will help you identify and resolve the unique problems and legal issues in your divorce.

Most importantly, the collaborative divorce process will place you in the role of the active decision maker for the important issues in your life and in your divorce (real estate, family, retirement accounts, alimony, etc.).

This is drastically different than litigation, which focuses on civil litigation, court dates, witnesses and a judge that decides the outcome of all of your financial and personal affairs.

If you, or a friend of yours, has questions about collaborative divorce in Palm Beach County, we are here to help.

By: Mindful Divorce P.A. [i]


[i] Chadwick M. Layton is a collaborative divorce attorney at Mindful Divorce, P.A. in Palm Beach County, FL.  Mr. Layton is also a member of the Palm Beach Association of Collaborative Professionals, International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, Florida Bar Family Law Section, the Susan B. Greenberg Family Law American Inn of Court of the Palm Beaches and the Palm Beach Flagler Rotary Club.

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