How to succeed in divorce mediation

How to Succeed in Divorce Mediation

Most people going through divorce don’t want to go to court.  You don’t want to fight.  You don’t know what a reasonable divorce settlement looks like based on the specific finances and facts of your marriage.  Mediation is the best alternative to court and unnecessary litigation.  The goal is clear.  Let’s work to draft a…

Marital home in divorce image

Divorce FAQ #1 – What Happens If I Move Out Of The Marital Home?

We’re often asked: Who stays in the marital home during a divorce in Florida? Here’s some professional advice from attorney Chad Layton.

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Good versus “Easy” Advice – you can only pick one!

It’s inevitable: Once you tell your friends and family you have started your divorce, everyone will want to give you advice. Don’t listen.

Alimony and Divorce Questions

Alimony & Child Support in the Age of Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic upended so many different parts of our lives, including the ability to enforce alimony and child support payments. Here’s how.

Most common divorce mistakes in palm beach county

Most Common Mistakes Lawyers Make in Divorce – and How to Pick a Lawyer Who Avoids Them

Some lawyers charges hundreds of dollars an hour and are hardly worth it. Here’s the three biggest mistakes expensive divorce lawyers make.

Lessons Learned in Divorce

Lessons Learned From Divorce (So You Don’t Have to)

After many years of practicing as a collaborative divorce attorney, Chad Layton has some advice for you if you just started a divorce.

Image of a last will and testatment

How to Handle Your Estate Plan, Last Will, and Other Important Matters Following a Divorce

How are estates, trusts, and wills altered after a divorce? While every situation is different, the need to amend is clear. Chad Layton explains why.

Inheritance & Divorce – Is it Mine?

The question of who keeps an inheritance in a divorce depends on which party to the divorce inherited, whether it’s in a trust, and many other factors.

A bowl of granola

“Just Put It In A Bowl” – A Lesson in Listening To Your Client

Chad tells the story of being reminded how important it is for divorce attorneys to listen to their clients, and why some attorneys are bad at that.

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Real Property and Divorce in Palm Beach County

How is real estate property split up equitably during a divorce process in Palm Beach County? It’s tricky. Attorney Chad Layton explains here.